DTales Expertises

DTales crafts interiors for aviation, yachts and cars of unsurpassed quality – all one-off pieces or limited editions. Our in-house craftsmen are specialized in wood veneering and saddlery. On the other hand, our dedicated technical division develops the lightest cabin structures for the aviation market by working with composite materials.


The noble art of inlaying meets modern technologies and precious materials to add charm and infinite value to every project.


Craftsmanship and deep knowledge of the material enable us to create perfect wood coatings even on the most complex surfaces.


The workmanship and attention to detail ensure state-of-the-art finishing.

Design Support

We uncover the potential hidden in each material, striving for harmony and refinement in every project.


Designing highly customized seating foam shapes is possible thanks to our excellent modeling techniques.


Tailor-made leather upholstery, including patterns, padding and embroidery.

Support Services


We offer a consultancy service both during the acquisition of new aircraft (from the pre-purchase inspection process to the preparation and final delivery) and in the assessment of used planes.

We monitor and inspect throughout the individual component production process, verifying supplier work quality and carrying out all the necessary checks-up through to final acceptance, heading off unexpected cost increases, delivery delays or annoying prolonged downtime