Finishing for surfaces

The finishing process is a surface treatment that gives a smooth finish, glossy or opaque to materials, such as wood, MDF, melamine, PVC or metals.

Dtales improved the classic “lacquering” procedure with numerous “coats” of paint, on a special protective substrate, which creates a thickness and durability that withstands use of the finished product even in unexpected accidental situations such as scratches or impacts.

The Process



At Dtales we sand the piece each time with increasingly thinner abrasive products to give various finishes.


Bleaching and removal of stains

Bleach minimizes color differences between heartwood and lighter sapwood and removes stains enhancing the wood texture.


Colouring wood

Dtales uses different coats to enhances the appearance of the surface.



Its quality depends on the type of paint used and the procedures applied during the treatment. Dtales operates in an aseptic and dustfree environment, allowing each coat to dry.


Agusta Westland W109

Lacquering  it’s an ancient technique that gives to any surface a sheen that can range from ultra-matte to high gloss.

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, modern lacquer can withstand extreme changes in humidity and heat caused by air-conditioning, under-floor heating and sealed window units, it’s effective against the effects of direct sunlight and protect a piece for decades retaining the beautiful wood finishes.