Finishing for surfaces

Marquetry is a process of creating patterns and designs on objects using thin veneers or layers of materials like hardwood, shell or ivory. Pieces are cut and fit together to form a very decorative flat surface image. Marquetry is an old process that dates back thousands of years.

DTales delivers unique customization through our marquetry solutions that bring together the absolute best in design and cabinet making expertise.

DTales combines age-old techniques and state of-the-art technologies to create friezes, logos, monograms, and illustrations.

The Process


Image creation

We start with sketches, defining lines, colours and balance. The final “cardboard” is then processed through a CAD application in order to have a very precise cutting line.


Wood colours selection

The choice of different woods is essential, as the quality of the marquetry depends on the correct use of the different species. Each veneer is cut according to the outer outline of the pattern.



Dtales uses latest generation of laser cutting machines, capable to work with sheets of up to 0.5mm or 0.2mm depending on the final application.


Components preparation

Dtales uses a variety of methods to hold the marquetry layons together depending on the complexity of the drawing. Sometimes to add visual depth, some of the inlay pieces are dipped in hot sand to darken an edge.



Marquetry designs are done by hand, one at a time, with patience and precision. It can take many hours to finish a single design. When the pattern is finished, the veneers are gently sanded so they are level with each other, and then a clear, protective finish like varnish is applied.


Agusta Westland W109

Choose a palette that lets your imagination fly, to create a design that is bespoke in its colours and patterns and much more, a design that will tell your story.

Interior designers across the aeronautical, nautical, residential and automotive worlds are choosing marquetry as a luxury finish, not only for its artistic effect but also for its durability, versatility and its timelessness.

Marquetry is the perfect complement for veneering, with the addition of 100% customisable detailing