One of the strengths of our company is not only the ability to offer a range of alternatives between natural and innovative materials, but also the ability to carry out further modification of said materials across an extensive myriad of processes to obtain one off customized creations.

The result of years of research is our curation of the best suppliers of raw materials, all strictly Italian.

DTales Expertises


Thin slabs of the rarest and most precious wood essences are inlaid and veneered enhancing its natural beauty.


A material of incomparable beauty and resistance also lends itself to an infinite possibility of processing.

Liquid Metal

Surprising and versatile, liquid metal is one of the most innovative materials in the world of finishing.

Carbon Fibre

Thin but unsurpassed in resistance, carbon fibre is available in different types of weave and surface finish.

Experimenting with new solutions and alternative materials is animating the creative department of Dtales in an exponential way. Satisfying the customer’s needs for exclusivity but also a natural curiosity have become the cornerstones of the company.

Linen fiber composite or jute fiber composite are an alternative we offer to carbon fiber. In addition to karuun, an alternative material to unconventional wood, these are just some examples of how we daily interpret the needs of our near future