Finishing for surfaces

Dtales offers an exclusive service of seat foam shaping.

This intervention gives you the possibility to create your seats with customized and contemporary shapes that lend a sense of novelty and uniqueness to the interior.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest cutting technology assisted by talented freehand foam cutters, known for the attention to detail and quality control, skills that only comes with years of knowledge and experience.

The Process


Plotting the shape

Before cutting the foam we plot the shape outline using adjusted measurement.


Marking the foam

We mark the shape of the foam within its designated boundary area.


Cutting the foam

We cut through the foam with special knives minimizing the pressure to obtain cleaner edges.



To create custom-size shapes, we bond and glue pieces of foam together.



The final step is upholster the foam shape.


Agusta Westland W109

Foam can be shaped and sculpted in a variety of ways and will transform the way the piece looks and feels. A softer foam can achieve a warmer, homely feel with use. Meanwhile, a firm foam can be used to produce functional but soft supports and bolsters for a dramatic upholstery effect.