The sky and the sea, always admired and explored by man. Infinitely large spaces, where human knowledge is pushed to go beyond its limits. Opposite elements but so similar as to seem merged into a single substance. This meeting point is the key to understanding the new Dtales Summer Collection ’23.

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Parchement finishings


Sky and Sea, in a glossy finish inlaid with precious woods with metal details for a refined texture inlaid in the wood. This precious material, with unique shades and rare beauty, is added to the Dtales library. 


Protagonist of this design is the nautical star, more commonly known as Polar star, inlaid in the special wood reflects its symbolic value as a guide through the stars and becomes a symbol of high craftsmanship capable of enhancing any type of furniture and environment.

Gold leaf on liquid metal

Protagonist of this design is the gold leaf on liquid metal. Gilding summarizes a universal and timeless symbology, which refers to the highest concepts since antiquity: such as sacred art or prestige.

Gold leaf on recycled carbon

Characteristic of this design is the application of gold leaf on recycled carbon, which acquires the concepts of luxury and high quality.

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