Autumn ’22

Autumn is the time when our attention becomes more reflective and we carefully observe the one closest to us. The autumn collection is a magnifying lens on nature, the microscopic structure of organic elements. Like a dying leaf that amazes us, revealing its skeleton, Dtales offers an example of what is possible to achieve by fusing techniques and materials to obtain ever new and exclusive finishes. 

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Parchement finishings


The great novelty of autumn is the parchment. This precious material, with unique shades and rare beauty, is added to the Dtales library. Available in different colors and finishes, it is a refined and surprising choice that can be applied to objects or components


The art of marquetry has the power to create completely contemporary and exclusive works. Observing a leaf that has fallen from the branch, the complexity it holds is reflected in these inlays whose three-dimensionality is given by the skilful combination of light and dark lines essences.

Liquid Metal

Liquid metal is one of the trendy finishes this year. For this season is proposed  three-dimensional and textural as well as in two-tone graphics with an aluminum and brass combination.

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