Summer ’22

From the window of an airplane, nature takes on new meanings, its shapes are more defined and the landscapes clearly show their unspoiled beauty.
The complexity of nature reveals its patterns, its sinuous and fascinating shapes, its design.

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Summer collection invites the customer to create with leather. Fully customized designs can be translated onto quilted topstitching surfaces. The best cowhide is here declined in stitched nubuck, stitched embroidered nappa leather and matching stitching and perforation.


The most important skill of an inlayer is to create design complexity, following the grain of the wood. A landscape seen from above has been replicated using natural dyed woods after a careful study of shapes and colors.

Liquid Metal

Liquid metal is a material that lends itself to a thousand experiments, the visual and tactile rendering is that of real metal, but the possible applications are amplified. In the sample, bronze was applied to a contoured surface and subsequently polished over its ripples.

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