The Art of Straw Marquetry

Straw marquetry blends with the biophilic design in Dtales decorative coverings, in a dialogue with the world of nature.

Typically, wheat or rye straw is used for the consistency and length of the stems, cut by hand to avoid damage during harvesting. The straw is then bleached, dyed or smoked to achieve natural or vibrant colours, highlighting the natural color variations and luster of the outer surface.  Whether it is the detail of a vehicle or the component of a piece of furniture, the glossy, matt or natural finish will ensure an amazing result for any interior design project.

Before – After

The transformation

Every surface can be finished with this unique and natural material. The beauty of straw is undisputed, used alone or inlaid with other natural materials, it ensures an effect that will never go unnoticed and a story worthy of being told.