The idea behind the DTales project is to combine the expertise of our master craftsmen with the study and use of cutting-edge technologies, to create exquisitely tasteful pieces that thrill at first glance.

Because we specialise in the wood veneering of details with complex, three-dimensional geometries, our customers can access plenty of options for their most ambitious projects, with virtually endless combinations of natural and engineered wood types and with a selection of finishes ranging from open-pore to high-gloss.

Our expertise extends to decorative coverings in composite materials such as carbon fibre.


DTales delivers unique customisation through our marquetry solutions that bring together the very best in design and cabinetmaking know-how.

DTales combines age-old techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to create friezes, logos, monograms, and illustrations – large or small – with details that border on hyperrealism.

A palette that lets your imagination fly, to create a design that is bespoke in its colours and patterns and much more, a design that will tell your story. Interior designers in the aeronautical, nautical, residential and automotive worlds are choosing marquetry as a luxury finish, not only for its artistic effect but also for its durability, versatility and its timelessness. Marquetry is the perfect complement for veneering, with the addition of 100% customisable detailing.

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For our aerospace manufacturing customers, DTales meets the EN 9100:2016 quality requirements.


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